when yet another cute girl you kind of liked starts talking about her new crush

Updated the fiber plan from my ISP to get 600mbps but paying 10€ less yeet

peter parker watching sony and marvel fight and mentally preparing himself to lose uncle ben a 4th time

stellar is back on his original pfp yasss queen

Tutanota, Aurora Store, LinuxDeploy and Firefox Nightly updates pushed to repo.eskuero.me/

Gotta destroy the uptime first time for a new kernel update :')

Oh men I love KVM

KeepassDX, Firefox Nightly, Markor, Simple Gallery, Termux, Conversations and Privacy Browser updates pushed to repo.eskuero.me/

Quién eres, con que personas estas, donde estas, donde esta tu casa, cuando vas al baño a cagar y un infinito etc :)

Sex is temporary but my k/d ratio will live on forever in the memories of my teammates and the nightmares of my opponents.

My little brother:

Me: Tell mom you’re hungry and you want a McDonald’s

Ansi color codes on Windows is a fucking hell, why do I have to use colorama just to color a few words lmao

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