@nawi A rare waterfox UwU

Goodnight, Nawi-chan! Sweet dreams~

@JibrilTheFlugel I'll try my best, Jibsy UwU

Hope you have a comfy evening as well :3

@cesese Thanks, Bunni-cutest-pyon! Hope you have even bestester dreams! OwO

Time to chew an early bedding~
Goodnight, friends :3

@nawi So, um, wait. Just to make sure.

Does that mean dried fruits are as "safe" to eat as non-transformed fruits?

@nawi hehehe, bananas are one of my favorite fruits, so I could totally eat lots of them~

@nawi Oh! That's good to hear :blobuwu:

Does that also include "transformed" fruits? Like dried fruits for instance.

@nawi I guess fruits also have better stuff around the sugar, like vitamins and stuff.

@nawi Like, let's supposed I was chewing down on grapes until I reach the same amount of sugar there is in 10 Pocky sticks. How bad would that be?

@nawi Because I'd rather remain blissfully ignorant about this one snack UwU

@nawi oh hey actually it's got more fat than sugar on them that's kinda surprising

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