So I finished my first playthrough of Celeste today :3

Overall it was great fun! The game controls pretty well, with each world having its own set of unique gimmicks and tricks to master. There were a few deaths that I thought were a bit cheap, because stuff happened a bit too fast to react so it came down to learning the level instead. But those were the exception, not the rule.

Pleasantly surprised by the story. Usually platformers have none or very little, but this one not only managed to be interesting, but also fit pretty well with the gameplay.

Love the mix of pixel art and hand-drawn character portraits and artwork. The soundtrack was great too! My fave track so far is the Mirror Ruins' theme. It reminds me of Donkey Kong Country's OST, full of ambience and giving off a peaceful vibe somehow.

Under the CW is the image I got at the end of my playthrough, showing the number of strawberries collected, deaths, and play time. Putting it under spoiler just in case.

Will probably go back to it later to get all of the McGuffins uwu

@esheep take the exact opposite of what you said and it’s my review of the game :/

@papush It's OK PapuQT reviews are opinion so it's perfectly OK to dislike the game too uwu

@esheep but i feel cast out when i don’t like the games everyone like

@esheep Holy shit sheep a pro
Like Half the deaths I had and double the strawbs
Sheep is a hecking legend of gayming
A true gaymer god

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