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For my 1000th toot, I wish for everybody to have a cute loli!

Err, cake. I meant cake. Yeah, that's what I meant (゚∀゚)

Also, mandatory tag, and source :

omigosh it's already this late! Gotta go to bed really fast~

Goodnight, fedi-friends! See you all tomorrow :3

:drake_dislike: Copy Ability
:drake_like: Cozy Ability

(could not find the source, sorry ._.)

ONE III NOTES - Shadow and Truth

ACCA 13 was such a good anime from 2017! Lots of good anime that year UwU

The Galaxy Express 999 will take you on a journey, a never-ending journey...


RT The Winter Bunnerflies have come out to play! They look so toasty with their new winter coats. They might even flutter over to my shop soon...🤔


Good mornyan, friends!

Once this day is over, we'll have done most of the week! So let's all push through!

A bit tired, so it's time for an early night~

Goodnight fedi-friends! See you all tomorrow :3

In this city, some says that if you're really quiet, you can catch a glimpse of the alley catgirl!


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