Nintendo Direct Mini - September 2020 spoilers 

New Chinese-themed Monster Hunter! With BOTW-like climbing mechanics! Looks interesting owo

Monster Hunter Stories was weird, I have no idea what the actual gameplay is like from the trailer.

Disgaea 6 looks really bad. They went from masterclass-level 2D sprites to cheap-mobile-game-level 3D models. At least there's even MORE GRIND it seems~


holy heck that super cheap-looking 10fps square enix game what were they thinking it's bargain bin PS2 game level of bad

Switch finally getting the second Ori gamu after all this time~

Myan Myan Mornyan

Almost half of the week is over! Let's do our best for the remaining couple of days :3

They keep saying the Xbox Series X is the most powerful console ever but it doesn't even have Blast Processing smh

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