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the year is 20XX and these are the top three browsers:

1. lynx
2. curl
3. wget

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this book was great up until the chapter on AI where it took Searle seriously

I dig the idea of AI as "a self-modifying body of text", but this doesn't really make it fundamentally less real than human intelligence a priori.

Whenever we think verbally, we are possessed by a text (some combination of what we have read and what we have written upon ourselves) and that text speaks through us. When we have other kinds of thoughts we are piloted by other memes.

turning off javascript is great because it turns every site with a loading screen into just the loading screen

We need tools that will encourage us to do what Jefferson did to his bible with razors and glue. These tools will be discouraged and limited for the same reason that these practices were discouraged on the bible.

@chr okay no we have a chance to do þis right and distinguish based on voicing. þis [þ] is a θorn, for voiced dental fricatives; þis [θ] is a θeta, when it's voiceless.

Bad idea of the day: Distribute a copy of Society of the Spectacle in the form of playing cards

"Commander Gibson did not believe that the shuttle would survive reentry; if instruments indicated that the shuttle was disintegrating, he planned to "tell mission control what I thought of their analysis" in the remaining seconds before his death.""

steam: "we recommend this because you have played games tagged with: anime, nudity"

me: steam y u do dis?? tru tho

open source software as hypersigil

sigil as open source software

Band name of the day: strange tricks of cartography

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