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The 'stressed' and 'unstressed' sounds for vowels in russian seem, to me, to be entirely unrelated sounds -- no more closely related than the three or four ways 'e' is pronounced.

English has a tendency to adopt loan words from other languages without transliterating them and while trying to maintain the original pronounciation, which ultimately means that loan words are pronounced in a way consistent with a folk-understanding of the pronounciation rules of their parent language.

I'm not saying that english pronounciation isn't overcomplicated, btw. It's just within the normal range for european languages.

Russian is as straightforward as it is mostly because it's descended from a conlang specifically designed to be easy to learn. Likewise, kana is the result of top-down intentional reforms to streamline the language. (Of course, kanji pronounciations are complicated enough to blow even french out of the water!)

Russian has stressed & unstressed pronounciation for every vowel, and stress isn't necessarily notated.

English vowels typically have three different sounds instead of two, and combinations of vowels or vowel-consonant pairs are used to indicate which pronounciation should be used. So, it's worse than russian but not by as much as one might think.

French is similar, but has much more complex rules, including ones that modify the sound of neighbouring words.

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New thinkpads all have wide aspect ratio screens, don't they?

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There's an interesting chapter related to this by Juliet B Schor in Ours To Hack and Own called "Old Exclusion in Emergent Spaces".

They look at time-banks, food swaps, and makerspaces:

"While there are many successes among our three sites, our research also led to a troubling finding: all three cases are plagued with status-seeking, subtle forms of social exclusion, and non-egalitarian behavior that threatened the core goals of founders and members".

No english vowels actually correspond to exactly one vowel sound. 'e' is almost never pronounced the same way as its name is pronounced.

This is pretty common. (English is actually more consistent than French, for instance.) Japanese is just unusually consistent in its orthography.

@enkiv2 oh the glory to be amassed in the offworld open source administration colonies

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GET RICH QUICK by running a piece of open source software on a rented machine for free and hoping some of your users will volunteer to support you on patreon because you had to quit your job to do admin work full-time and also pay other full-time admins.

My favorite character-design thing is seeing how each character modifies standard-issue gear, lawfully or not

Back when laptops were shaped the RIGHT way.

I figured.

The appropriate way to make money with a social network is to con a gullible VC and then never actually have any users.