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Victorian Sparkgap Kitsune

a couple important points:
1) the number of professional programmers doubles every 5 years, so at any given time half of all pro developers have less than 5 years experience.
2) 1970 is the point at which brogrammers began to outnumber the first generation (who were largely serious engineers, & designed every worthwhile idea in CS).
3) most of that first generation retired around 1995.

this is why tech is like Scarfolk, collectively reliving the 70s every 5 years.

I'm being utopian & deliberately provocative but I think it can be done to the same extent as food (i.e., you can boil store-bought pasta & it still counts)

yup! #2 was originally "ignore all laws" but I felt it was too on the nose

Hot take: most of the code a non-programmer end user runs should be written by that non-programmer end user, the same way most of the food a non-chef eats was cooked by that non-chef

Effective Programs - 10 Years of Clojure - Rich Hickey - YouTube

Band name of the day: redundant and degenerate

@djsundog I was thinking I'd use this as the title for my next mashup album, if I actually bothered doing one.