Adding 'progressive' to any genre makes it better. We should make progressive versions of genres that don't currently have them. What does progressive baroque sound like? I don't know, but OH GOD I want to!

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@enkiv2 I am gonna MELT YOUR FACE OFF with this harpsichord solo, kid.

@Eidon I'm a big fan of Vivaldi, and this sounds like Jethro Tull & Goblin doing a Vivaldi tribute album.

@enkiv2 This is a perfect definition of this album!

I'm aware of Switched-on Bach. Not really what I'm thinking of, re: progressive baroque.

Progressive rock is not *just* rock with synthesizers. It's rock with thirty five minute synthesizer solos in a 93/11 time signature about immortal vril-powered Yetis and their ten thousand year space battle against the noble squid-people of Zeta Reticuli.

@enkiv2 The organ music JS Bach wrote when he was a young gunslinger is kind of prog in that sense.

I have to say, though, I prefer the old man Bach: more soulful and smart, by my lights.

@wrenpile @enkiv2 I have recently discovered Yes and I will brook no dishonour of the Squid-People of Zeta Reticuli or it's a duel to the brain-melt with Fairlight CMIs at dawn for us, matey

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