even searle himself should be too smart to fall for his chinese room argument and that's part of what pisses me off. plus when people point out giant flaws he just smugface.jpg and calls them idiots.

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@enkiv2 yeah, when i was studying it, i thought that the premise of the thought experiment was incredulous

I would half-like to run into him sometime just to mention that, as a materialist, he must be claiming that chinese people also don't speak chinese!

(Since having a 'semantics' that cannot be represented in the configuration of material as a prerequisite for 'knowing' only makes sense if that 'semantics' is isolated to a non-physical plane like that of platonic forms.)

@enkiv2 You're right on point, and this might be gossip, but didn't he backpedal from his theory in years since, too?

He still maintained it in a 2010 lecture at Google. If he backpedaled since, I haven't heard.

@enkiv2 Very good, that's why I wasn't sure, it sounds like something I might have misheard.

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