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I'm moving my main to @enkiv2

If you're following me here & aren't following me there, and want to, please do.

This account will remain an alt centered on discussion of anime.

Record store day find, prepare to get psychedelic...

me, coding in C#: i wont be a real dev until i code in C++

me, coding in C++: i wont be a real dev until i code in C

me, coding in C: i wont be a real dev until i code in assembly

me, coding in assembly: i wont be a real dev until i destroy god & supplant him as creator of all

I've gotten some questions: does it really make sense to plan to build a distributed game system as part of the fediverse? Will that actually pay off or is it just one big gamble?

I think:
- Having things be fun for players/users may make them more likely to join. People want to build things together. May help alleviate the "join a federated social network to talk about federated social networks" problem
- Having things be fun for me is good too :)

The Entire Archives of Radical Philosophy Go Online: Read Essays by Michel Foucault, Alain Badiou, Judith Butler & More (1972-2018)

I hope they don’t turn this into a rallying call for drone deliveries

I enjoy seeing my mailman. Whenever he’s there, I know society hasn’t collapsed yet

i hate recommending tech products to less technical friends or family now. over the last 5-6 years, every product has started requiring so much time and energy just to work around all the user-hostile design to avoid being screwed over in some way. i feel like the only advice i can offer in good faith anymore is "i'm sorry, you shouldn't get ANY smartphone/tablet/TV media box, because they're all now completely unsuitable for a normal person"

@enkiv2 @sonya The "Application" needs to die, give way to full composition.
The web had shown promise in the early days of IFRAME, but that proved to be a security nightmare, so it then regressed to centralisation and cross-domain protection.

Before that we had XPCOM, UNO, OLE/DCOM/ActiveX, NextSTEP's PDOs, but none of those things were mature enough to become ubiquitous, and the W3C increasingly seems to have become an end to a means.

Real alternatives are needed to all those.

I'm moving my main to @enkiv2

If you're following me here & aren't following me there, and want to, please do.

This account will remain an alt centered on discussion of anime.

Since a.w.e isn't showing signs of coming back, I made an alt over on

Ornate Soviet Realist Polaroids of Claymore Mines and Kookaburras by a Jordanian Designer

The lesson of a.w.e for me:
Instance admins should keep alts on other instances to use in case of catastrophic failure, and should retain contact with the alts of some high-profile users on their instances in order to distribute news in such a situation.

I'm literally following mykola on twitter & couldn't see any of his tweets about awe going down because twitter decided it was less important than memes.

Introducing GNU Antisocial! No corporations, no birdsite crossposters, no fediverse drama, no one can access your personal information, not even your admin! No nazis, no tankies, no anarkiddies, no liberals, no prudes, no sex workers, no other people at all! The only thing you get is peace of mind and the perfect disconnection to the world!

Installation: add the following to your .bashrc

function antisocial {
echo $1 > /dev/null

antisocial "Your post goes here!"

Part of why Cooperation Jackson was able to get going was Mississippi was bypassed by traditional capitalism. Preston is economically depressed. Rojavan revolution grew in the vacuum of conflict. Puerto Rico is reorganising as a community after natural disaster.

There is 'the shock doctrine' and 'disaster capitalism'. We should have 'the cooperation doctrine', 'disaster anarchism'. Or, more poetically, as per Rebecca Solnit, paradises made in hell.

EoE was an unexpected follow-up, in the same way Onegai Twins was unexpected given Onegai Teacher -- it's not a phone-in like Slayers Try or large parts of Saber Marionette J to X (which, if you managed to get through it, was ultimately salvagable). But, it also made a statement about its divergence.

Of course, the whole scheme was an elaborate ode to Ideon Be Invoked, and a way to make their influences more obvious to people who had missed them the first time.

It would be interesting to live in a world where Death & Rebirth and EoE never happened, and instead we got the second season that had originally been pitched, wherein EoTV was retconned immediately and instead the whole story is about Werewolf Asuka.

I think, in such a world, Evangelion would not be seen as a classic but instead one of those forgotten gems that were briefly extremely popular but doomed by weak follow-ups (like Saber Marionette J, Slayers, or Onegai Teacher).

I suspect that somebody is the Quentin Tarantino of anime, and that someone worked on Evangelion but went to Trigger instead of Kara when Gainax started becoming a problem.