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Googie Audion Revenant

This is wonderful, and gets even better when you read it in John Cleese's voice

" #MTG gradually stops understanding what an Island is"

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@ryusei @gdkar "The only noticeable lag on this instrument is the time difference between when its capacitors pop, and when its circuit board starts to warp"

#tokipona. I want to learn. But I’m a sporadic learner. It basically means I don’t do things on a regular basis. Fits and bursts. So now I looked at the font and the glyphs, I’m going to start keeping handwritten notes. Write to learn and avoid the temptation of writing or using software to learn. That way leads to endless yak shaving. I failed at Japanese and Arabic. Let’s try this, now. I’m the eternal dabbler.

wait what the fuck


@vertigo My own thinking on this topic starts from two axioms: (1) In user space, _any_ mechanism which acts like a hardware interrupt will cause more problems than it solves (2) There should be exactly one blocking system call and it should be "wait for the next event, whatever it happens to be, possibly with a timeout" - no filters, no priority queues, no nothing.

@zwol I generally agree; AmigaOS is built this way. exec.library/Wait() is *the only* system call which puts the task to sleep. (Well, there are others, such as semaphore calls, DOS calls, etc; however, they are all built on top of Wait() internally.)

The problem I'm considering is when a single-threaded application finds itself in a deadlock, or an infinite loop, or something similar where it won't properly cooperate with the kernel.

Telomeres function exactly like that

"Does your (genetic) package carrier periodically hurl itself into gamma rays? No problem! Our new biodegradable NON-CODING GENETIC PACKING MATERIAL keeps your payload snug and secure, surrounded by a shroud of DISPOSABLE TRASH"

hot take: non-coding DNA functions as packing material, like styrofoam peanuts, to prevent fragile important codons from being shattered by blunt force mutation.