๐Ÿคช I think watching this movie has just been added to my to-do list... :)

Nope, that's from the old Cinderella from disney. But maybe there's something similar in "Dude, where's my car", I can't tell, I haven't seen it.

*IF* โ€“> โ€œMagical" -
Hello Mastodon !
Kiki wishes you a nice day :)
I want a magical broom !!
I like this movie so much ! :)

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*IF* โ€“> โ€œQueenโ€ -
Good day Mastodon ! :)
Who's already seen that movie ?

That's one of my favorites :)

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Hello !

My account was previously on goofs.space, but now you can follow me on the.goofs.space
Almost the same, but this time less risks of failure ;)
ps : if you were following me on goofs.space, you can delete that account, the instance does not exists anymore.
Thanks !

So, as I'm starting from scratch, I'll re-post some of the things that was on my previous account. And I'll make a proper intro when all this will be set up :)
Cheers !

#mastoart #news

Argh ! The connection to my server seems to be screwed up. :blobsad:
I'm waiting for a reply from the hosting provider, but they do not seem to be in a hurry...
If only every one could get a good ftth connection and self host those things...I'm not saying that it would be fail proof, but at least you would know what's happening (that's what my friend says :blobderpy: )

@steckerhalter@mastodon.social @alice@elekk.xyz
Thanks for this useful thread ! I've just installed Neat URL :)

@asaka@babymetal.party @IronPepper
I don't know about making a movie, but have you ever consider working with weta workshop or something like that, to make props for movies ?

I mean "hear"... arf... too bad there's still no editing option... ๐Ÿ˜œ

I can here the water :)
I love rainy/misty atmospheres, especially in summer !
Great composition and mood !

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