*IF* –> “Magical" -
Hello Mastodon !
Kiki wishes you a nice day :)
I want a magical broom !!
I like this movie so much ! :)

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- gynux.com/v2/lesnews/?p=2463&r

Hello !

My account was previously on goofs.space, but now you can follow me on the.goofs.space
Almost the same, but this time less risks of failure ;)
ps : if you were following me on goofs.space, you can delete that account, the instance does not exists anymore.
Thanks !

So, as I'm starting from scratch, I'll re-post some of the things that was on my previous account. And I'll make a proper intro when all this will be set up :)
Cheers !

#mastoart #news

Argh ! The connection to my server seems to be screwed up. :blobsad:
I'm waiting for a reply from the hosting provider, but they do not seem to be in a hurry...
If only every one could get a good ftth connection and self host those things...I'm not saying that it would be fail proof, but at least you would know what's happening (that's what my friend says :blobderpy: )

Hello Mastodon !
A quickie for today !
May the 4th be with you and have a great weekend ! 🙂

#mastoart #art #maythe4thbewithyou

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«La police veut entrer dans nos vies, surveiller nos lectures. Les ministres aimeraient que l'on juge selon leurs désirs. La foule anonyme les encourage. On croirait voir, sur le seuil de l'abattoir, des porcs qui crient “vive la charcutière”» lepoint.fr/chroniques/francois

Hello there !
I've started a new batch of cute T-shirts, and I've posted the first six on my store just in time for Valentine's day. I hope you'll like them ! :)
Let me know if you prefer black on light or white on dark. Thanks !

(sorry for the multi-posting and deletion... mastodon needs an option to edit posts ;)

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