@ele but it just wouldn't go further anyway, it needs rails for that.. 😓

@ele This actually reminds me of some arguments against consequentialism, though I can't exactly put my finger on what specific argument it is reminding me of.

total number of people = ℵ₀ (think positive infinity but for integer numbers)
number of people killed = X
number of people saved by stopping tram = ℵ₀ - X = ℵ₀, same as infinity - 1 = infinity
therefore number of people killed = number of people saved (or alive) no matter the action or inaction
@ele This is also why the Imperial Guard in Warhammer 40k have never lost a battle because regardless of their causalities the overall effect on their numbers is effectively 0%.

IG rules, everyone else drools.
@ele mathematically inconsequential doesn't mean there isn't a moral answer to this question. the sooner you stop the more right the choice you made is. whoever wrote this is a massive faggot
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