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I just started the promised neverland and completely binged it. It's gooood :ablobblastoff:

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Life hack:
If you don't say "UNO" before you die, you have to live for two more years

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You telling me you went to school and got a degree in pussy?

Maybe im gonna get fedilab. But it costs money. But otherwise it doesn't censor anything like some other EVIL APP of doom.

Ahhh, i dont like tusky anymore. I can't scroll down calmly, since i always have ti search for the fucking "load more" button. Otherwise it's gonna show me old posts and not the current flow of the timeline. And i cant get it away in the options ajjsbwbcjidjendni

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Tomorrow is my first day at uni :ablobsweats:

Ah, i had a great nap. I am really making progress with my insomnia. That makes me happy :ablobcatcry: :ablobderpyhappy:

Its so mean to let me wake up so early

Comfy afterwork: A burrito and va11halla on the drive home! :ablobderpyhappy:

I really do wonder why people like autumn. Sure trees and leafs look good with sunshine and its comfy inside when it's raining and stuff. But that's the rare case. It's just really ugly grey sky and muddy all the time. Like really fucking ugly:ablobglarezoom:

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macross 7 is an absolute masterpiece and you should all watch it, here’s why

Breathing will literally make you ill

Playing these is comfy! Abzu was great, even though it was a little short. But somehow i am more motivated to play indie stuff on a handheld than on the computer. Just more comfortable...

Ah, i want to go home already...

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