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The French government uses Matrix? That's just sad

You need a premium Twitter account to view this tweet.

you can't be a morally right person and not see the problem with

comedians already have to deal with slower internet speeds due to China-like social scoring system, report says

gross a company from here donated the most money to the project

does anyone have the website for because at this point i think they've opted out of search indexing

why does gitlab have to reveal who uses 2fa

"Chicago is like a Clevelandly New York"

thanks yaba for being a scammer now I can't get an aibo because:
*pretty much no sellers in Europe
*can't get my aibo fixed

Don't worry, I'm not dead! I'd update my Facebook if I was dead.

The worst thing you can say as open-source developer is "I am no longer working on a project and I have no intentions to transfer maintainership".

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !