The latest update on the spread of the #Wuhan-type #Coronavirus:
- the number of people infected has grown to 9692 - more than SARS ever had
- the number of casualties has been raised to 213
- the #WHO has declared an international health emergency situation
Apart from that, the ISPO #Beijing trade show has been cancelled and CNY holidays have been extended by another week.

I guess all is well in #China - NOT.

Congress to Google: Stop incentivizing climate change misinformation on YouTube

The search giant has been accused of sending millions of people to climate denial videos every day. #climatecrisis #climateemergency #environment #pollution #misinformation Um, look at the date of this pinned toot!
27th of May 2019. In may there was no virus! I have not tried to access the onion for sometime. In China it works if you can get connected. But all public bridges are blocked.
I currently use Shadowsocks or V2ray when I'm online. I hear wiregarde is also working for some people, but I have not tried it.

All the village's round where I live are preparing for the zombie apocalypse. This is the Yangshuo area outside of Guilin in Guangxi province all roads are being blocked.

No police, no government officials, no fire service, just good old direct action. Although I think there are better things they could do to stay safe. I really like to see this direct action from the community instead of the useless government.

According to Reuters, #China has announced to extend the #LunarNewYear holidays in #Shanghai (NOT in #Wuhan) by a full week. Expect an impact on the Q1 growth numbers due to this extra week of holidays and closed offices: one week is one thirteenth of a quarter after all, which accounts for about 7.5%. #economy #Coronavirus

China makes pig do 68m bungee 

Nurse in #Wuhan, #China talks about the #Corona virus. Says 90,000 people are infected, says government numbers are lies. Asks Chinese not to go out with New Years to keep each other safe.
This sounds pretty scary.
#coronavirus #wuhanvirus

Chinese Virus Spreads | Hong Kong Anti-Communist Rally

This week's China news headlines. The outbreak of a mysterious deadly virus spreads around the world from the Chinese city Wuhan and doctors are puzzled and the Chinese New year begins. Hong Kong protesters hold an anti-Communism rally. Huawei's Meng Wanzhou is on trial. Former head of Interpol Meng Hongwei is sentenced. #coronavirus #wuhan #hongkong sars

Hubei coronar virus 

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A map from Open Source Intelligence showing the spread of the wuhan virus:

Open Source Intelligence 🐦 🔗 account is here:

Where to move when Niu is gone?
Who has an instance with a cute url that I can join?

The latest plot twist reg. that #Wuhan-type #Coronavirus and its spreading is almost funny (not really seen the seriousness of the situation): In #China, wearing #facemask|s is mandatory now to avoid a further spreading of the disease. This renders all those surveillance cameras useless as the masks prevent #facialrecognition. From a mask ban in #HongKong to a mandatory masks in a couple of weeks, who would have thought so?

Probably the only good thing about the ongoing outbreak of the #Wuhan-type #Coronavirus is that the ban on facial masks in #HongKong is off the table now: Rather than being a sign of rebellion, those masks now become a sign of responsibility. And yes: That virus is also metaphorical for the spread of #China's power and oppression in the #FarEast.

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