All the village's round where I live are preparing for the zombie apocalypse. This is the Yangshuo area outside of Guilin in Guangxi province all roads are being blocked.

No police, no government officials, no fire service, just good old direct action. Although I think there are better things they could do to stay safe. I really like to see this direct action from the community instead of the useless government.

Hubei coronar virus 

"Just entered Hubei Province where the outbreak started. virtually nobody on the streets here. At the checkpoint the police said we can go in but they won’t let us back out. It looks like the entire province of Hubei, population 30 million, to be locked down."
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Can anyone help with this? Needed security expert to help protect female journalists online who are being doxxing. This is related to protests. This could be a paid job, please see attached image.

Please share.

Looking for and teacher'(s) based in Asia. We are looking to setup some workshops near Guilin in South China and we can pay for the right person'(s) to visit, help us design and facilitate a course here. Our background is in outdoor education and we would like to bring in more environmental projects into our programs. Please message me here on Mastodon or on this contact form: if you would like more information.

In the city where I live in China, a girl stands alone for the planet.

This is an amazingly brave thing to do. Emperor Xi's is a dangerous place for protest!

Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !