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In the city where I live in China, a girl stands alone for the planet.

This is an amazingly brave thing to do. Emperor Xi's is a dangerous place for protest!

CryptPad has had a surge of visitors this week-end from Hong-Kong (the purple in the weekly stats here). We wonder if it’s related to the Hong Kong massive protests. CryptPad continues to grow fast ! #zeroknowledge #encryptedcollaboration #cryptpad

this is lion rock with climbers putting up a poster about the new law protest. 

My flight was cancelled yesterday. Rebooked one for today and its cancelled now too.

cw ukpol news link, racism 

Today I learned: agrovoltaics refers to a growing practice of putting solar panels over farm fields. It's still a new field and it seemingly only works for certain plants, it seems to help reduce water demands and has only a limited impact on the productivity of both. It's being suggested as a new way to handle agriculture AND power demands.

And it sounds SUPER solarpunk!

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"The 3rd milestone will give us the means to design and develop features that Facebook and the like have no interest in giving their users: group self-management, messaging, multiple identities, and external tool management."

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