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In the city where I live in China, a girl stands alone for the planet.

This is an amazingly brave thing to do. Emperor Xi's is a dangerous place for protest!

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Steel giants in the gloom, building box's to seal our doom.

Two quickly snapped photos from the new town construction between Low Mountain and the Egg Mountain.
On the tope see the people for scale of the gigantic hole in the ground they are lining with concrete.
On the bottom you can see the amount of top soil that has been removed for the next set of box shaped concrete buildings.

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Another day another . This is from Demo bar on the Li river. I have been told they are putting in a large steel pipe and supporting bridge to send mains drinking water to the village on the other side. Seams their supply they have used for the past 1000 years or so is polluted.

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Yangshuo new town looking north. This photo was taken from 700m altitude, nearly all the land you can see here apart from the rocky Karst Towers will be turned into houses. This farmland has been farmed sustainably for thousands of years and in the blink of an eye has been bulldozed to reveal the bare earth you can see in the photo.
To illustrate the air pollution you can see the triangle in the centre of the image which has been post processed to reveal the detail, the rest of the image shows the air pollution. Here is a DIY air pollution project from Germany, I put a sensor in Yangshuo a year ago. You can see the results here:
This image is part of the: collection.

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Have lived in Yangshuo for over 10 years, I have watched as this place has been systematically destroyed environmentally. But yet people visiting here don't seam to post about this often, preferring to post photos shot at just the right angle so as to cut out all the new construction, pollution, power lines, surveillance cameras and rubbish on the ground. Also if you do an image search for Yangshuo on the internet all you see are beautiful photos. So this is going to be a hash tag series of photos under:

This image shows the Yangshuo, Li River just across from the jetty where the boats drop off tourist travelling down river from Guilin. In the image we can see machines digging up the river bed here in what is claimed by BBC Blue planet China as: "One of the cleanest and most well protected rivers in China".
Capitalism, meets authoritarianism in the perfect planet killing storm.

Charles Stross on AI:

"As our widely-deployed neural processors get more powerful, the decisions they take will become harder and harder to question or oppose. And that's the real threat of AI — not killer robots, but "computer says no" without recourse to appeal."

I just got told to stop posting about the environmental destruction where I live or loose my visa. The company owner (from the US) thinks the posts are bad for his business.

In terms of #sustainability and its #carbonfootprint, #Taiwan scores very low - also due to it being an industrial powerhouse. But as an island with lots of high mountain areas, it has a fragile #ecosystem that it needs to take care of. Founded 23 years ago, the ecologist #GreenParty has failed to get enough votes to gain subsidies or a seat in the #LegislativeYuan last Saturday. Now its existence is in serious danger, which is bad news for Taiwan and its environment.

Those that fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it, over HTTP

I just did some research and I'm basically shocked about that in Germany you can't legally sell anything you made yourself out of wood or metal without being a certfied "master" of your craft.
No exceptions based on self-employment, minimal profit/sales, etc.

Only exception is art. With a high bar to check what constitutes as art. Basically nothing with a proper use.

It's the midle ages around here ...

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