@easthighNerd I really want a simple Linux tablet, is this a good combination? (Nexus + Ubuntu Touch)?

I thought Ubuntu Touch was dead?

When Canonical dropped it after the 17.04 release, the @ubports community picked it up and has been maintaining and updating it since. The latest release is OTA-9, released just yesterday.

As for the question; I do not know yet. In theory, it should be. However, without using it I cannot say. Once I get it (I'll probably buy it this evening, arive by Saturday) and use it for a small bit, I can report back and let you know my experience on it

@easthighNerd let us know what you think about Ubuntu Touch, we need some feedback from users ๐Ÿ™‚ @Bitshift

@ubports @Bitshift
Since I got my Nexus 5 back in the December, I've been using UT day in and day out. It has improved quite a bit since I first started using it, and it is now my daily driver!

It isn't perfect, of course. Unity 8 still has the occasional crash, the Nexus 7 screen wakes every few minutes or so if the WiFi is on, little things like that. However, these are simply paper cuts, and overall the experience has been a very pleasant one! Especially since the N5 got the camera fixed!

I know works pretty damn good on my Nexus 5 phone, so if that's any indication, it should also work quite well

@easthighNerd Sailfish Os
(but donno if it can be installed on a Nexus 5)

@easthighNerd make sure it's 2013 model as the 2012 model is not supported

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