I love using . I just wish I was better at developing so that I could make native apps for the platform.

@easthighNerd ive been interested in linux phones can you tell me more about it


was originally developed by Canonical as an alternative to Android & iOS. It shipped on some phones, such as the Meizu PRO 5, & a couple of tablets. It could also be flashed onto one's own device.

In early '17, Canonical restructured and dropped UT. After that, it was picked up by the @Ubports community, and they have been developing it since.

UT was originally based on 15.04, but since OTA 5, released by UBPorts, it's base has been updated to 16.04 LTS.

@easthighNerd @Ubports do you feel limited much by the app selection? that has been my biggest concern with moving to a linux phone

@verystrongcat @ubports
Only a little. It's lacking an OVPN app, Tor app, native ProtonMail app, working native KeePass app, the Signal app doesn't provide push notifications without keeping the app running in the background with UT Tweaks, and lack of Cal/CardDAV support in the Calendar & Contacts apps.

I have found work arounds for some of these, and I know that in time, we'll get there with the rest. I think the biggest thing is getting more developers to the platform, making native apps.

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