Good morning, fedi-friends! :3

Lots of post-Christmas cleaning to do today! It's gonna be busy busy ~ UwU

Ohayou @esheep -chan!
Tuturu~ :tuturu:

Post Christmas cleaning is the worst! How was your Christmas BTW?

@easthighNerd It was good! A bit too long, but that's just how it is when there's lots of family members eating together x3

And don't worry! I actually like cleaning, so it's no bother at all n.n

How was your Christmas, John-chan? :3

@esheep It was good! Me and my family had a great time and all liked the gifts we got each other. I even got a new Nexus 5, which I put Ububtu Touch on!

I got most my cleaning done last night before I crawled in bed. Mostly just sweeping today.

@esheep Yeah. After Canonical dropped it back in 2017, the @Ubports community picked it up and has been maintaining it since. They even got it rebased on 16.04 as of OTA 5!

@easthighNerd @Ubports

I got curious about it but never tried it! Maybe I'll check to see if I can install it on my phone :3

Thanks for the share, John-chan! n.n


@esheep @Ubports

You're welcome Sheep-chan! They have a list of devices that you can use right off the bat here:

They even have a Snap of their installer `snap install ubports-installer`

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