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I post more pictures on my Pixelfed ( @easthighNerd ) than I do on here. If you would like to see more pictures from me, feel free to follow me on there as well!

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I made a nice little Matrix room for Mastodon users to chat to their hearts contempt.

You can join the MastoMatrix room at .

If you have any problems joining the room, message me at and I will send you an invite to the room!

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To anybody new to Mastodon 

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kuma is my perfect round soft goblin child, and i miss her so much.
shes ok and healthy and safe, but my bro in law is watching over her for us since she cant live w/ us rn :blobmeltsoblove:
#catsofmastodon #kumapost #cat #torbie

This is my Galarian Meowth. He has bad IVs and shitty nature, but I still love him and would never replace him with cooler Meowth #pokemon #PokemonSwordShield

Ring is not your friend.

"If someone refuses to provide footage to police, all police need to do is reach out to Ring.

...officers are instructed to contact Ring and request that the captured video be preserved." #amazon #surveillance

#MastoArt #PixelArt #CreativeToots #animation

・:*:・。 ゚・:*:・。 ゚・:*:・。 ゚・:*:・。゚・:*:・ *crunch crunch*・:*:・。 ゚・:*:・。 ゚
:*:・。 *crunch crunch* ゚・:*:・。 ゚。 ゚・:*:・。 ゚ *crunch crunch*・:*:・。 ・。 ・:*:・。 ゚・:*:・ *crunch crunch*。 ゚・:*:・。 ゚・:*:・。 ゚・:*:・。・:*:・。゚・:*:・。

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