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this is what i imagne every time i press toot on

Playing Pokemon Red, aboard the S.S. Anne, and one of the sailors walks up to me for a battle, and says "I like feisty kids like you".

I should be very, very afraid right now

#Newpipe 0.14.2 can't play YouTube videos anymore. Downgrading to 0.14.1 seems to work for the moment. (Need to uninstall the latest version first.)

The problem is fixed upstream in version 0.15 which will be on fdroid in 1-2 days.

When the Brydge Bluetooth trackpad comes out later this year I'm so buying it for use on my Chromebooks. Mainly my HP Chromebook x2, seeing as that is the one I have on my desk, hooked up to a USB-C hub, and connected to an external monitor.

There's a time in one's life when they question the value of sleep versus doing random ass shit and losing sleep.

I call this time: Night


Mere question of curiosity:

On the side bar, is there a particular reason that "Favorites" is listed under options?

If only there was an easy way to get a FP2 in the States...

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