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Made a nice little chat room! Come and chit chat to your hearts' contempt!

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A warm up sketch that got a tad bit away from me lol. Looking back again itโ€™s one of my favorite games of all time

#art #mastoart #2b #nierautomata

I just saw this cute cat staring at me through my window. I think she came to visit my cat.


I'm glad I came home to my beautiful cat who tries to eat the sequins off my incredibly tacky shirt

So I held my tablet in landscape and threw up a suggestion that you can swipe with three fingers for splitscreen and to move the split windows around.


Love that someone took the time to package up Mosaic for modern Linux.

But the web isn't really usable with it.

Trying to package up cloose's CuteMarkEd as a Snap, and since it is unmaintained, it seems it won't build against versions of Qt >= 5.11. So I am going to try manually downloading and installing 5.10 and see if I can get it to install in the Multipass VM so maybe it will build.

Me trying to tune in the for the subject of the conversations around me

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