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me: show @lesbianBot to a friend
friend: how is that funny
me: mentions @fuckeveryword bot on twitter
friend: *laughs*

I screwed up I meant does anyone know how to make tusky load the federated messages as they come automatically?

Everyone gangsta until all the bots send messages every 30 minutes

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I'm still a student, but I'm interested in many things like web dev, linux and open source stuff, as well as current affairs in France and the rest of the world.

Otherwise I'm pretty boring.

Also I'm a cishet

Have a nice day!


don't talk to me if your hair hasn't got its natural colour

don't @ me


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when you play the song for the 5th time because you are doing smf and you forget to listen so you didn't appropriately appreciated its content

kinda nsfw (rick and morty) 

my goal: follow every user

like this if you've accidentally send a heart emoji to someone you really didn't want to

people: *hack routers for fun*
me: *try using router as wifi card because I forgot my wifi adaptor at home*

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