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I'm writing a book/story. I'll be post daily update under this toot about my progress. Not about the story but difficulty and my mood.

Side note, I write in french but if everything is ok it will english translated

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How can you call yourself a real gamer if you don't own a GAMECHILD

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I'm frozen and my bed too.
Send help pls

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Je cherche quelqu'un qui serait capable d'aller à la British Library et pourrait me prendre 4/5 photo d'une partition datant du XVIe siècle.

Repouets très fortement appréciés !

Do you know anyone who can go to the British Library and take a few pictures of a 16th century score ?

Retoots are welcome

#musique #music #renaissance #london #vacheespagnole

I gave a new chance to Kakoune

It needs a time to adapt from Vim but it starts to Roxxer du poneyyyy (translation: hecking cool)

Almost 24h later…

v0.2 is out!

Now it can be used but still at your own risks :blob_grinning_sweat:

It's still rough and miss more basics features but the minimal is here.

I'll add few templates and try to make it even more user friendly.

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therapist: fit bread is not real and cant hurt you
fit bread: 🍞

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lol mais RussiaToday quoi : tout le monde confirme que David Doucet rejoint TPMP après avoir été viré des Inrocks à cause de sa contribution à la #LigueDuLol... sauf eux -_-

:drake_dislike: coconut oil
:drake_like: Oil of the nut of the coco

Everything is fine, even going better!

Bugs fixed.

I've yet tested all the possibilities but the basic generation works.

Next step is to clean the code because it looks really terrible.

Still available on dev branch

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On aimerait bien, mais c'est compliqué d'accéder à la fibre pour les petits opérateurs. On, et plus généralement la FFDN, y travaille !

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