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I'm writing a book/story. I'll be post daily update under this toot about my progress. Not about the story but difficulty and my mood.

Side note, I write in french but if everything is ok it will english translated

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J'ai un CDI o/

(I have a real job)

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Honnestly, since I start to encrypt my computer, I feel unsafe when it's not.

Even worst when it's a laptop

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Did you know JFK was just known as John Kennedy when he was alive, the F was added when he died to pay respects.
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There are a very few people –like only one– who warms my heart a lot when I talk to them and even more when I got a reply

That's a weird feeling

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Le développement web moderne, allégorie.

(via twitter)

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Canicule – La Bretagne ferme sa frontière face à l’arrivée massive de réfugiés climatiques

Paris – Alors que les températures commencent à grimper sur l'Hexagone, le parlement breton a voté à l'unanimité la fermeture totale de sa frontière commune avec la France. Selon les parlementaires, il s'agit d'éviter un trop plein d'afflux de réfugiés climatiques parisiens fuyant la chaleur. Reportage.

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Did you know that fact?

In some countries you can be stoned for nothing and without weed!

Saudi Arabia is good place to live :blobcoffee:

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Decided to share my super simple tuna pasta salad comfort food recipe~

sweet cherry tomatoes
cream cheese
canned sandwich tuna (in olive oil)
fussili pasta of choice
capers or olives
apple cider vinegar
fresh salad leaves, chopped thinly and evenly
if you want or have them, add mung beans, cooked and drained

black pepper
paprika powder
onion powder

mix the cream cheese into a bowl of freshly boiled fussili. add the spices and mix well, then add salad leaves if you want. add the rest of the ingredients and mix everything thoroughly.

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