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Major haul! Lots of Modern staples and cards for my deck. Trying to mix some green / blue Merfolk. ☺️

Quick trip to the local gamestore for some supplies and later some Blood Bowl play. ☺️

Magic the Gathering singels track & trace says delivery today! 🤗 Love this game so much!

Dracula (1992) | Directed by Francis Ford Coppola

Gothic yeah baby!

Gary Oldman!

Technically Francis Ford Coppola uses all know movie "magic" tricks and gives the movie a distinctly look / feel.

Keanu Reeves wtf!


Yesterdays records haul! Very happy with what I got, especially Dire Straits - On Every Street. The few I've listened to sounds very nice. ☺️

Hmm. Just installed Discord 0.4 on Mate 18.04 LTS and see weird graphics artifacts in the text areas. 🤔

I want a , but I don't skate? 🧐 There is this place called "" in Klitmøller, where they sell some beautiful boards! 😍

does not work well with my Mate 18.04 LTS installation and freezes the system. 🤔 Back to again!

Nocturnal Animals (2016) | Directed by Tom Ford
Hunting thriller with quite horror elements and great story. Very well played by Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal. Cinematography is just amazing jaw dropping beautiful.🎬


Will try to post some photos later of my records purchases. 😊

Good vinyl records shopping trip! Got a big haul of of many sorts of genres, plus a few old movie soundtracks. Hopefully I will have the time for cleaning tomorrow. 😀

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Mate seems to run very solid on my system. So far I like Mate desktop very much. ☺️ 👍

Brave browser is nice! Fast (2 times faster than Chrome! 😲), block ads and open source.😀

The End of the F***ing World. This show is just pure gold. Perfect dark humor.

Have been running the last year or so. Let’s see how I like Mate this time around.

Downloading Ubuntu Mate 18.04 LTS :) Decided to give Mate a try this time.

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