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Okay... I'm hooked! Two episodes of "The Expanse" and I want more. 😬

Started watching "The Expanse", Dulcinea today. Good start for a Pilot episode. Some nice characters and plot.
Next "The Big Empty". ☺️ is down, but Mastodon is always there. 🤗

"Chris Rea - The Road to Hell" flee market vinyl record sounds amazing. Funny how old records often are better sounding that a new pressing.
Guess the high demand for vinyl records has resulted in low quality control on the new pressing.

So far 17 happy days with Ubuntu Mate 18.04 LTS since install. :) Liking MATE responsiveness and customizability. It's a keeper :)

image search is worth &#*^ since removal of "View Image"!

Have decided fully that I will be playing Space Marines for 40.000. Will be getting the Codex very soon. ☺️

Sometimes I really miss !

"Winamp Winamp it really whips the Llama's ass"

Modiphius miniatures game looks amazing. Great details on the minitures too for painting. ☺️

Love the setting of the Fallout games. Big fan of Fallout 1 & 2. Real RPGs!

Friday is Warhammer 40.000 game day in the locale gameshop. Exciting! It's been a very long time since I played 4k.

have gotten me started. ☺️

Almost done painting Gouged Eye Orc team for . Started painting Human team with a test miniature today. ☺️ Base colors done.

Watching a battle report / gameplay video of : Underhive by . Looks interesting. Wondering if its basically the 4K rules?

Lovely Magic the Gathering: Unstable 🔥borderless full art lands.🔥 😍

ASMR is nice and relaxing. Had a very bad headache from my arm through the shoulders and lying down listening to a helped. ☺️

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