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I'm Dropbear👨🏻‍💻 @dropbear@niu.moe

Kickstarter boardgame is awesome! Love how the game is designed around player decks and cards. No dice. ☺️

Just ordered myself a copy!

Got Games Workshop Citadel Project Box for my painting equipment. Mainly for fast and easy paint station setup.
Also paint handle for miniatures. Looking forward to try it out on my next Space Marine. ☺️ 👍

Updating my Ledger Nano S hardware wallet firmware to 1.4.2. 🤞😱💦

Also my Space Marine - Blood Angels army is coming along nicely. ☺️ 👍

Printing bigger bed leveling knobs for my CR-10S. ☺️

3D Printing is fun and addictive. 🤪 Feel like printing just to see if I can get my project to work.

@yogthos Like how it tries to catch imaginary bite in mid air. 😂👍

@djabadu $@&~ me, yes yes yes yes. You like that? You like that?!

And finally... ODIN - The all-father.
Check it out on my website if you want to see the process in more detail: t.co/e1S5rd8oD7
Made live on Twitch: twitch.tv/oabnormal/

My nerdy plan for today:

- Game store day (fun, talk, MTG)
- Comic book store (new Sandman issue is out!)
- New Citadel Paints
- Feeler Gauge for 3D bed leveling.


@rtwx Like Tootdon very much. Have Amaroq on my device but keeps returning to Tootdon. :blob_cry: Guess data is the price for a little better app experience. 🤔

Seems "Lots" mirrors from IKEA is very good for keeping your 3D prints sticking to the heat bed. So far it's a success! 😃

I'm printing stuff! 😬