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I'm Dropbear👨🏻‍💻 @dropbear@niu.moe

So far 17 happy days with Ubuntu Mate 18.04 LTS since install. :) Liking MATE responsiveness and customizability. It's a keeper :)

for is a fine client! Great social network too. ☺️

Dave. Put down those Windows disks, Dave. Dave. DAVE!

- HAL 9000

Lovely Magic the Gathering: Unstable 🔥borderless full art lands.🔥 😍

Been playing Games Workshops Blood Bowl all day. ☺️ Fun and lot of tactics of play. 🤔

Still need to paint Human team. 😇

Earth Reborn. Not enough people know this brilliant . 😀 Yes its rather advanced and for the experienced gamers. But the scenarios let you learn it's game mechanics and rules. Very fun to play. 😍

Major haul! Lots of Modern staples and cards for my deck. Trying to mix some green / blue Merfolk. ☺️

Yesterdays records haul! Very happy with what I got, especially Dire Straits - On Every Street. The few I've listened to sounds very nice. ☺️

Nocturnal Animals (2016) | Directed by Tom Ford
Hunting thriller with quite horror elements and great story. Very well played by Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal. Cinematography is just amazing jaw dropping beautiful.🎬


Secured my playset of Damping Sphere today 😀

Best card in set!

Interstellar Soundtrack | Record

Arrived today. Big Hans Zimmer and Interstellar fan. One of 's best scores in my opinion.

Blood Bowl Orc team players - 🚧still work in progress🚧

Been some time since I painted figures. But slowly and surely it goes. ☺️

Just watched The Last Samurai (2003) again. Love this ! :blobheart:

Fight Club vinyl record || Destroy Something Beautiful package design

Love this release and idea by . It's still sealed, and the design of the packageing is so you have to destroy it to get the actual records out. The records inside is beautiful soup pink.

Should I rip it open or leave it? 😱

"I felt like destroying something beautiful".

Listening to "Code Elektro - Superstrings" vinyl record album. Amazing album! Love the 80s / Stranger Things vibe. ☺️

And of course the . :blobaww: