What is the 61GB "other" data in application data on the PlayStation 4 system? 🧐

Would very much like to get 61GB of data back for games. ☺️

@dropbear isn't it like all DLCs and other games or system related stuff? not sure but I think heard about that

@RafiX I'm not entirely sure about this either. But yes, it could be DLC and other system stuff. Seems to grow in GB size on my system. 🤔

@RafiX Hehe yeah. Can't touch it or delete it either. So :)

@dropbear I kinda want to upgrade HDD in my PS3 (it's only 160GB right now), but idk if any of those I have is good for it and I don't want to redownload everything again (no external HDD to backup)

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