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I'm Dropbear👨🏻‍💻 @dropbear@niu.moe

Secured my playset of Damping Sphere today 😀

Best card in set!

Interstellar Soundtrack | Record

Arrived today. Big Hans Zimmer and Interstellar fan. One of 's best scores in my opinion.

Blood Bowl Orc team players - 🚧still work in progress🚧

Been some time since I painted figures. But slowly and surely it goes. ☺️

Been some time since I watched . What’s the best source for anime today? :blobpeek:

Princess Irulan DUNE Prologue & Main Theme! This is so powerful an Introduction.


Just watched The Last Samurai (2003) again. Love this ! :blobheart:

Finished the first two orcs today. Now 10 orcs more to go! ☺️

Fight Club vinyl record || Destroy Something Beautiful package design

Love this release and idea by . It's still sealed, and the design of the packageing is so you have to destroy it to get the actual records out. The records inside is beautiful soup pink.

Should I rip it open or leave it? 😱

"I felt like destroying something beautiful".

Tootdon has a search server, which indexes the public toots of the federated timeline for searching. You can search the latest toots for 30 days, and those older than 30 days will be automatically deleted from the server. Also, when posting from the application, in the case of public toot, we also update the index of the search server. If you do not want to be indexed, we will exclude that account if you request @tootdon from your account.

Apparently is also evil 👿 and use tracking of users. 😟
Switching to .

Time to give Amaroq a try I guess. 🤔

Weirdest. Something in my Mastodon timeline crashes Tootdon every time I open it. Afterward the app crashes every time I relaunch the app. Have to delete it and login again before it works again. Also if I scroll down in my timeline the app crashes again. Loop!

🐙🦑 Lovely found a podcast about H.P. Lovecraft. 🐙🦑

Going for a walk with the dog, but I'm out of Podcasts. 😣