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Reading Alita Battle Angel before watching the movie. Like the manga very much so far.

Been with Squarespace some time ago. Is considering movie to their hosting again. Really miss the easy of use. Are they still good?

💞🎊This is how I remember 1990s web. ❤️🎉 Beautiful web design!

Welcome to the Tau Empire and “The Greater Good”.

Started painting Tau recently. Taking a break from Blood Angels Space Marines. 😆

Fun Q&A Star Wars panel today with Tim Rose, Alan Harries, Fami Taylor and Benedict Tayler. Nice people and some fun answers from the actors. Interesting hearing Tim Rose thoughts on Admiral Ackbar demise in “The Last Jedi”. 😀

At Sci-Fi-Con. Getting ready for Q&A with Tim Rose, Alan Harries, Fami Taylor and Benedict Tayler from the original Star Wars movies.

Artis Opus kickstarter brushes arrived today! Great presentation of a product. 😯

Decided to get as my . Seems very solid and fair. Also they have a Linux client that works pretty well. No email is required and they accept Bitcoin. :)

Locked myself outside. Dammit! At least there’s WiFi. 🤓

Newly arrived “Retrochrome” 12” 45 RPM vinyl ordered from . Love this album very much. Sounds very good on vinyl!

Yes! Hans Zimmer to compose the score for Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE! 👍

Very excited about the cast of the new DUNE 🌕☀️ movie. Curious on who they will cast as Alia Atreides or if they will do her in full CGI?

Testing for iOS. Is it just me or is the UI and usability of the app just much more clear and easy compared to ? Organising music and playlist is so much easier! 🤔

I missed good old . Lucky for me, Linux and solved this problem just fine. Brilliant! 😜

Very happy with my Neo Six Scale figure by HotToys. Great details and amazing head sculpt. 😍

Got this today! 😍 Know I had to own this Six Scale figure of Neo the moment I saw it. Fantastic box art btw! Next the unboxing.... 😝

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