Mortgage company is being a pain in the ass getting me my tax forms

Forgot to unwrap this album for maybe a year. I love the shade of this envy on the coast 😱

Much cleaner setup of my turntable pi this second time around. 👍

Setting up a new turntable streaming Pi, this time a Zero W and I gotta document how I do it

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#Capitalism is a reasonable economic system that destroys 100 million trees a year to mass-produce something that literally no one asked for and literally everyone hates

DUSK for Mac (and Linux) this week, now I don’t have to boot Windows 😍

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I love the weekend 😀 Why must we work

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I don’t like the new Death in Paradise detective and I miss Dwayne 😱

It’s so cold… my heater has yet to reach the set temperature and it’s been 3 hours :blobcatumm:

Someone somewhere must be working on a mastodon app… there are so many good ones on iOS now

I probably listened to the new Neal Morse Band album 6 times today and it’s better every time 😱🧐😄

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !