Why does the App Store just not show some updates? I see the update in Latest, and can confirm there’s a newer version in the store. But I have to delete the app and re-install to upgrade.

Safari 13 is released in Safari Technology Preview

- Process on device
- Minimize data collection
- Ask permission
- Use random identifiers
- Encrypt


Making a Mojave VM so I don’t forget to do it months from now and then freak out when there’s 1 32-bit app I cant run 😆

Totally pumped for iOS 13 and macOS 10.15

Apple could at least include the VESA adapter in the box :D

If this is all that happens for the next year, I’d be 1000% happy.

iOS 13: Dark mode

MacOS: Safari doesn’t randomly start eating all my CPU

A few months ago, Microsoft decided to collaborate with Google and drop its web engine in favor of Google's.

Earlier this week, Google blocked all ad blockers, and now Microsoft has de-listed UBlock Origin (a powerful ad-blocker). Without real choice, monopolies will dictate what you see and do on the Internet.

Real choice comes with Free/Open Source Software.

Workout today was insane, 25 min amrap is too much cardio D:

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