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Hello everyone 💜
I'm a software engineer working close with who likes cosy stuff, cute stuff, drinking caffeine till I get palpitations, meeting people and more.

And I guess I'm a nice person (✿◠‿◠)

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giving eso a try, want to see if it's as bad as my friends say

my uni is filled with people using thinkpads who talk about how great foss community is, speak about free software and i've only met like 3 of them who used linux based distros

whoever cast this hellish week upon me, I am so sorry for whatever I have done, I implore you, take it back

ive just realized that in the last year ive done very little of cpp at work since i mostly had to do yocto, scripting and some c, need to make sure i dont forget too much

"I am in this video and I don't like it", even the monster eyebrows match if i didn't pluck them

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This is a CATGIRL only restricted area.

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I need to justify my paranoia by noting it down here

i think it's my mind playing tricks on me. I think so since they're quite loud and im used to their being here

i have no idea, whenever i get into my room and wait some time in ~15 minutes intervals I can hear as if someone was walking between my flatmates room and toilet but the thing is my flatmates took off this morning and won't be here for another week

there's some eerie noises in my flat tonight

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