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A fleet of spaceships entered Earth's orbit.
"Greetings," they radioed, "we are just here to debrief our agents, to perpare for talks with you."
In a shimmer of light, every cat on Earth was beamed up.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Type of the day:

int -> (forthType list * forthType list * int) option

Social media is a strange thing. First HowToBasic gets incredibly popular, then an egg.

That... didn't work.

Note to self: a :bun:'s width is around 8 NBSP, not 4 spaces.

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Pleroma sounds like some sort of extinct animal

Google made a game where you have to identify phishing. The fun part is that it really points out some things Google is doing wrong, the less fun is that some are a bit out of context, especially the last one.

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"I feel naked without a weapon," I mutter.
My host at the alien conference looks at me with all its eyes.
"You do not have your predator ancestor's weapons?"
"A gun, or stone axe?" I try to laugh.
"No, your natural weapons: endurance and patience."
"Um. No."
"Then you are naked."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

@Technowix Are you planning to switch away from ? If so, do you have a timeline?

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Hello Fediverse! 👋 this is a bot you can subscribe to if you want to get notification about new #Nextcloud server, apps and client releases.

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Ordering a PCB with this company feels like ordering a pizza. Except they put soldermask on instead of cheese.

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The dragon glared at him. It was the size of a goat.
"Well, I thought you'd be impolite," it said, "so one of us was right."
#AdvenTale 9/25

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