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A fleet of spaceships entered Earth's orbit.
"Greetings," they radioed, "we are just here to debrief our agents, to perpare for talks with you."
In a shimmer of light, every cat on Earth was beamed up.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Type of the day:

int -> (forthType list * forthType list * int) option

Social media is a strange thing. First HowToBasic gets incredibly popular, then an egg.

That... didn't work.

Note to self: a :bun:'s width is around 8 NBSP, not 4 spaces.

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Pleroma sounds like some sort of extinct animal

Google made a game where you have to identify phishing. The fun part is that it really points out some things Google is doing wrong, the less fun is that some are a bit out of context, especially the last one.

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"I feel naked without a weapon," I mutter.
My host at the alien conference looks at me with all its eyes.
"You do not have your predator ancestor's weapons?"
"A gun, or stone axe?" I try to laugh.
"No, your natural weapons: endurance and patience."
"Um. No."
"Then you are naked."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

@Technowix Are you planning to switch away from ? If so, do you have a timeline?

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Hello Fediverse! 👋 this is a bot you can subscribe to if you want to get notification about new #Nextcloud server, apps and client releases.

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Ordering a PCB with this company feels like ordering a pizza. Except they put soldermask on instead of cheese.

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The dragon glared at him. It was the size of a goat.
"Well, I thought you'd be impolite," it said, "so one of us was right."
#AdvenTale 9/25

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We sing the songs of distant Earth
In thousands diff'rent tongues
For all the lands that gave us birth
For them, their songs are sung

We tell the tales of distant Earth
Of heroes, gods, and fools
To teach us values, and our worth
And how to break the rules
#LossLit #SmallPoems

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