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is a web client for Mastodon, the UI is as beautiful as Twitter. I like it! :blobcatheart:

I tried to cool my raspberry pi by putting wet tissue on the heat sink but accidentally I used too much water and it spilled onto the board. Now the USB socket and Ethernet are broken. I'm so frustrated because I just bought it two months ago. I have to spend CN¥ 260 to buy a new one. :blobcatsadreach:

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Finished those HD shaders and textures I was working on.


This legacy bug from Google Bopomofo Input haven't been fixed in .

This scene makes me cry again.

Game title: True Love Confide to the Maple (真恋寄语枫秋)
Available on Steam:

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Twitter, please stop showing those "in case you missed somebody's Tweet" notifications to me!

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I'm going to purchase before long. Could you recommend a server to me? I prefer a small, vanilla, friendly and English-speaking one. :blobcatcoffee:

It's my first time to see Nori in such a large size. Maybe these are used for making Sushi rather eating directly.

Well, I can not get used to at all. The native Minetest game even doesn't have any animals.
Then I tried to join some servers and connected to a server named "[JP] Lawless" ( It surprised me that the players are speaking English although it's a Japanese server. 🤔

I'm hesitate about buying because I usually do nothing but farming in that game. There is a similar game named which is free but its crafting system seems to be different from that in Minecraft.

the OST of Snow Trap / Revenge of Snow (). The music made by SP-time is always awesome.

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WPS Office hasn't supported the feature of inserting equations for the Linux version until now.

Begin to watch Date A Live: Origami is my waifu. :blobheartcat:
After seeing the cross-dressing Shido (Shiori): Traps are the best, Shiori is my waifu. 🤔

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