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Twitter, please stop showing those "in case you missed somebody's Tweet" notifications to me!

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I'm going to purchase before long. Could you recommend a server to me? I prefer a small, vanilla, friendly and English-speaking one. :blobcatcoffee:

It's my first time to see Nori in such a large size. Maybe these are used for making Sushi rather eating directly.

Well, I can not get used to at all. The native Minetest game even doesn't have any animals.
Then I tried to join some servers and connected to a server named "[JP] Lawless" ( It surprised me that the players are speaking English although it's a Japanese server. 🤔

I'm hesitate about buying because I usually do nothing but farming in that game. There is a similar game named which is free but its crafting system seems to be different from that in Minecraft.

the OST of Snow Trap / Revenge of Snow (). The music made by SP-time is always awesome.

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WPS Office hasn't supported the feature of inserting equations for the Linux version until now.

Begin to watch Date A Live: Origami is my waifu. :blobheartcat:
After seeing the cross-dressing Shido (Shiori): Traps are the best, Shiori is my waifu. 🤔

I'm so scared every time I use the piranha solution. :scared_satania:

My Telegram account seems to be deleted. Maybe the reason is that I didn't login for about one year.

Thanks to Steam Play and Proton (a fork of wine developed by Steam), I can play Steam games for Windows on Ubuntu.

Got my Raspberry Pi just now but found machine translation for Simplified Chinese at the manual. The Simplified Chinese translation doesn't make sense and even mixes some Japanese text.

Glad to find an excellent browser for Android.

Playing Umineko When They Cry () makes me exhausted. I'm playing Ep 2, which means there are still six episodes left. 😵

The day after tomorrow (Jan 14th) is the physical chemistry exam, I will try my best!

I decided to use KWrite as my text editor finally. I'd been using gedit until yesterday. However, I suddenly couldn't open some files this morning. But they can be opened by vim. Then I try to find another editor like Notepad++ on Windows. In fact, I need the text encoding feature because I usually view and edit text files encoded as GBK and Shift_JIS.
Notepadqq is a good alternative to Notepad++ but unluckily my Chinese IME doesn't work in it. 😑
Finally I decided to use KWrite. :blobheartcat:

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !