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I prefer to use as the video player on , despite the CJK characters in title bar can't display correctly from time to time due to the text encoding. However, there aren't any better alternative.
As for , which is the core of SMPlayer, is so awesome that can run at terminal but it's too complicated to configure. The manual is too long for reading.

Got my account after waiting for two hours and a half. :blobcat:

Went to BakaBT's IRC invite channel but still in queue after one hour. 🤔

Shion looks older although she is Mion's younger sister. Maybe Shion and Mion are the heroines in Watanagashi Hen while Rena is the heroine in Onikakushi Hen.
The game seems to be a normal visual novel about dating with girls up to now (Subchapter 5). But I clearly know that something horrible will happen definitely if I continue playing the game.

Finished Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.1 Onikakushi on Steam just now. The English translation seems to contain too many formal and difficult vocabularies so that I couldn't understand well unless referring to the dictionary from time to time since I'm not good at English as a native Chinese speaker.
The story confused me a lot. Maybe I'll find more out at Chapter 2 Watanagashi. 🤔

I love this "Delete & re-draft" feature, which isn't provided by Twitter. :blobheartcat:

Used mkfs.vfat to format my USB flash drive and then used fdisk to divide it into two partitions and set the partition ID of the second one to (1b) Hidden FAT32. Then formatted those two partitions.
The second partition is hidden in Windows and Linux now. So I can store some encrypted private data in it now. :blobcat:

I planed to buy a visual novel on as a gift for my friend in Canada but got this. 😑

Every time updates, the UI changes more or less. I do really hate this because I have to spend some time to get used to it.
Besides, I hope that MIUI can add stroke outline for the characters on desktop or the characters are difficult to read.

At dorm, turned on my computer ( 18.04.1 LTS), typed the command `sudo init 3` and then launched -daemon and on the background to begin seeding. After doing this, which wouldn't cost so much power, left my computer alone and went to library to study physical chemistry. :blobcat:

Physical chemistry is really difficult. :scared_satania:

Well, Touma seems to go to the hospital too often. He is always getting injured. He is such a nice person that always pushes himself too much to help and protect Index, Misaka and other people.

Accelerator (一方通行, アクセラレータ), who is not only the strongest Level 5 Espers at Academy City but also good at , saved the world by fixing the HTML file.

Besides, I hope that I can hide the annoying trash bin icons at my list. I don't need to know how many bakas dislike my waifu, do I?

Well, MyWaifuList is website as good as MyAnimeList but I don't think it's a good idea to include the birth year in "Date of Birth".
By the way, here is my profile page at MyWaifuList.

Maybe I can make a "Waifu List" to record the female characters I like most in each anime I watched and each visual novels I played. :blobheartcat:

I wouldn't find this problem if I hadn't download torrents from somewhere other than nyaa. All the torrents on nyaa has its http tracker but this time I tried downloading a torrent from The Pirate Bay, which had only udp trackers and it couldn't be downloaded as none of its upd trackers could be connected.

It's quite strange that I can't download the torrents with only udp trackers. All the udp trackers show "connection failed". I wander whether the ISP blocked it or something.

My domain on is going to be expired in 10 days but I haven't decided whether to transfer it to , which is cheaper, or not.

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