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I hope that Mastodon has a "retoot with comment" feature.
And I forgot this:
- "Delete and re-draft" feature. (MAIN advantage) :blobcatheart:


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- "Who can see this Toot" feature.

In a word, Mastodon is awesome but I would like to be activate in Twitter due to the reasons mentioned above. :blobcatsadreach:

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I really hate this because I regard my phone number as the private thing which is only used in real life.
- Mastodon is open-source, it's a .
- Mastodon doesn't have annoying advertisement, while Twitter keeps recommending something I'm not interested to me although I click the "see less often" button. (MAIN advantage)
- Mastodon is decentralizational.
- Characters limitations reaches 500. Yeah, I'd love to talk a lot.
- Profile metadata feature.
- Contents warning feature.


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- The web version on PC looks weird since it's a mobile version style. Thanks to (@halcyon), it looks better.

But Mastodon is still better than Twitter in some aspects, which makes me in a dilemma while choosing between Twitter and Mastodon.
- All you need to register a new account is an email (MAIN advantage). Some websites require your phone number during registration, such as , and nearly all websites in Mainland China.


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Sorry, I won't be active on , . Here are the reasons.
- User base (MAIN REASON). I'm following many accounts on , most are official accounts of all kinds of organizations, such as , , etc. Most of them don't have Mastodon accounts. Besides, my Tweets may be seen by more people in Twitter than that in Mastodon.
- Full-text searching feature is missing.
- The horizontal scrolling is too sensitive in mobile phone web version. (not the main reason)


I have been playing in a half-private Hong Kong server since I bought the game several days ago. :blobcatmlem:

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i feel like Microsoft haven't updated these values in quite a while

@tykayn But I can still encrypt the data before uploading it to the cloud. 😜

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Is that really a marketing video for... a Terminal? WOW youtu.be/8gw0rXPMMPE

Purchased a physical copy of "True Love Confide to the Maple" () for 60 CNY for collection since I love this visual novel deeply.

I should have migrated my blog from dqwyy.moe to blog.dqwyy.moe and moved my homepage from a.dqwyy.moe to dqwyy.moe . 🤦

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I added for my profile metadata labels.
Besides, I'm using for Mastodon. Thank @halcyon for their awesome work!

I wish to finish my thesis as soon as possible so that I can play computer games or do other interesting things freely. :blobcatsadreach:

I hate insects because I'm afraid of them. Now a insect is flying in my house when I'm going to bed. I'm glad that the mosquito net keeps it out.

I wish to go to Japan for a trip some day when I:
* improve my Japanese skill to JLPT N2 or better
* earn enough money (I'll graduate from university in June)
When that day come, I will try to visit these places:
* Akihabara, the heaven of otakus. I'm going to buy some visual novel games and go to the maid cafe.
* Shirakawa, which is the base of Higurashi When They Cry.
* Okinawa (may be the 2nd trip because it is far away from Tokyo)

OK, I'll try my best to achieve this dream! :blobcheer:

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