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i feel like Microsoft haven't updated these values in quite a while

@tykayn But I can still encrypt the data before uploading it to the cloud. 😜

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Is that really a marketing video for... a Terminal? WOW youtu.be/8gw0rXPMMPE

Purchased a physical copy of "True Love Confide to the Maple" () for 60 CNY for collection since I love this visual novel deeply.

I should have migrated my blog from dqwyy.moe to blog.dqwyy.moe and moved my homepage from a.dqwyy.moe to dqwyy.moe . 🤦

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By the way, the font for I am using is Twitter Color Emoji SVGinOT Font.


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I added for my profile metadata labels.
Besides, I'm using for Mastodon. Thank @halcyon for their awesome work!

I wish to finish my thesis as soon as possible so that I can play computer games or do other interesting things freely. :blobcatsadreach:

I hate insects because I'm afraid of them. Now a insect is flying in my house when I'm going to bed. I'm glad that the mosquito net keeps it out.

I wish to go to Japan for a trip some day when I:
* improve my Japanese skill to JLPT N2 or better
* earn enough money (I'll graduate from university in June)
When that day come, I will try to visit these places:
* Akihabara, the heaven of otakus. I'm going to buy some visual novel games and go to the maid cafe.
* Shirakawa, which is the base of Higurashi When They Cry.
* Okinawa (may be the 2nd trip because it is far away from Tokyo)

OK, I'll try my best to achieve this dream! :blobcheer:

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is a web client for Mastodon, the UI is as beautiful as Twitter. I like it! :blobcatheart:

I tried to cool my raspberry pi by putting wet tissue on the heat sink but accidentally I used too much water and it spilled onto the board. Now the USB socket and Ethernet are broken. I'm so frustrated because I just bought it two months ago. I have to spend CN¥ 260 to buy a new one. :blobcatsadreach:

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RT @GreenXenith@twitter.com

Finished those HD shaders and textures I was working on.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/GreenXenith/status

@Ocean22 The first time I heard about visual novel, I thought it was really boring just like this person named Skyflyer37. However, I gradually found the stories are attractive and finally I became a fan of visual novels.

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