Purchased a physical copy of "True Love Confide to the Maple" () for 60 CNY for collection since I love this visual novel deeply.

I added for my profile metadata labels.
Besides, I'm using for Mastodon. Thank @halcyon for their awesome work!

This legacy bug from Google Bopomofo Input haven't been fixed in .

This scene makes me cry again.

Game title: True Love Confide to the Maple (真恋寄语枫秋)
Available on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/495

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It's my first time to see Nori in such a large size. Maybe these are used for making Sushi rather eating directly.

the OST of Snow Trap / Revenge of Snow (). The music made by SP-time is always awesome.

Thanks to Steam Play and Proton (a fork of wine developed by Steam), I can play Steam games for Windows on Ubuntu.

Got my Raspberry Pi just now but found machine translation for Simplified Chinese at the manual. The Simplified Chinese translation doesn't make sense and even mixes some Japanese text.

The day after tomorrow (Jan 14th) is the physical chemistry exam, I will try my best!

I decided to use KWrite as my text editor finally. I'd been using gedit until yesterday. However, I suddenly couldn't open some files this morning. But they can be opened by vim. Then I try to find another editor like Notepad++ on Windows. In fact, I need the text encoding feature because I usually view and edit text files encoded as GBK and Shift_JIS.
Notepadqq is a good alternative to Notepad++ but unluckily my Chinese IME doesn't work in it. 😑
Finally I decided to use KWrite. :blobheartcat:

I saw this when I was shopping for anime stickers for my cards.

p1: The stickers can be pasted on the back of your mobile phone.
p2: They can be pasted everywhere besides your cup.
p3: They are waterproof.

Me: That seems to make sense but there seems to be something wrong. 🤔 Oh wait… Your mobile phone…

(⚠Pic contains SPOILERS)
Finished playing Meakashi-hen, the answer vol for Watanagashi-hen, while listening to the ending song "you". In fact, I've guessed the truth because I've played some games made by "SP-time", a Chinese dojin visual novel developers team, which are inspired by "When They Cry".
I ♥ Shion Sonozaki

Updated my desktop wallpaper. I really love blue-and-white style. For example, blue and white striped panties. 😏

As for fonts, or technically speaking, the emoji implement, my favorite is Twemoji. Twemoji looks very beautiful on flags. Rounded rectangle flags looks much better than round flags implemented by EmojiOne in my opinion. As for Emoticons, I think Twemoji is better than Noto Color Emoji, too. Unluckily, the ttf font of Twemoji keeps its color only if it's used on a browser, or it will become black and white on local apps, on gedit for instance.

Thanks to the ISATAP provided by Tsinghua University, I can access Ipv6 at my server, so that I can seed for the IPv6-only private tracker of my school on that server.


Using MPlayer to listen to music at Terminal. :blobcat:

Shion looks older although she is Mion's younger sister. Maybe Shion and Mion are the heroines in Watanagashi Hen while Rena is the heroine in Onikakushi Hen.
The game seems to be a normal visual novel about dating with girls up to now (Subchapter 5). But I clearly know that something horrible will happen definitely if I continue playing the game.

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