Oh no… Windows Defender told me that a virus named "Trojan:Win32/CoinMiner" is detected. But I doubt whether it is removed by Windows Defender or not because my CPU is still hot and the fan is still spinning fast although I am not running any programs now. 😓

My laptop was infected by miner trojan named zed.exe and alpha.exe long before. But I didn't find out until recent days. 😟

@Ocean22 I admit that Ubuntu is a good Linux OS but I can't work without MS Windows now. I'll be willing to try Ubuntu after graduating from university.

@dqwyy Open the task manager and see what's using the most of your CPU. Some websites use crypto currency miners. Try closing your browser and see if anything changes. If you want to be thorough, restart your computer in safe mode and run Malewarebytes.

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