Phhh... Linux ! Don't be ridiculous. It would be doing all of said on a cheaper hardware.
Who does that? I have a 350$ worth laptop that runs Solus and I play games that many MacBooks can't, such as Cities: Skylines.

Imagine using Windows!


@murtezayesil Sorry, I don't recognize inferior software like Losernix. Apple is king babyyy


Mac is a Unix
Linux is a Unix
"Losernix" is something you made up (I hope)

@murtezayesil Haha, yeah. I hate Apple, btw (wasn't sure if it was clear i was joking now :P)

@dwaltiz I'm vegan (mac user) so using an animal in the logo is basically appropriation of labor. I literally can't even believe you'd suggest this oppressive OS over the beauty and elegance of the Apple ecosystem. Sure you pay a premium. $1000 might SEEM like a lot. But if you break the price down then it's only like 1 caramel infused skinny latte with chocolate sprinkles from your local independent coffee shop a day for a year.

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