Your true friends are the ones who install your obscure messenger app just to speak to you

@djabadu Your true friends are the ones who accept your breast cup preference. 🍆💦



my not good friends complain about me only using xmpp

my failing friends cripple xmpp to volunteer less information

my good friends value me rightly

.. pix-art messenger makes xmpp adoption easier on android and it looks better than conversations

@excecate Most people I know hate technology and the idea of another app on their phone is out of the question for them. I get it tbh. I've convinced a lot of people to use Signal (it seems the easiest to convince people with) and only 2 people to use XMPP.



to take it to the next level i buy them a conversations license

thanks to pix messenger i don't now

yeah it's an uphill battle but i won't use google services and my android root so apps for little girl mentality simply won't work. win. signal requires sms number OF a phone to work. yeah, that can be circumvented.

phone call

3 choices is enough.

LITMUS TEST is best well in advance

@excecate Signal is simple and seems extremely secure, but I really want them to implement e-mail confirmation instead of needing a phone number. Also it's centralized, so there's always a possibility of it being bought out which isn't fantastic.

Conversations (and forks) is nice but nearly every XMPP client on desktop I've used has been awful (yes, I have tried Gajim).


psi plus project? not pretty but omemo works


sheeple will not deviate from play store invariably uninstalling F-droid receiving no updates


@excecate @djabadu is there anything good about pix-art other than the theme difference? i was looking at it for a bit


ui improved, better presence rendering.. otr returns


it is if other people are limited to otr and you can offer omemo or nothing


@wowaname if you could frame omemo otr style so it is protocol agnostic id be all for it

@excecate @wowaname
I've just changed to it because it actually asks for confirmation if you want to send a photo or not. Conversations just sends it instantly ¬_¬

@djabadu What about those who install what appear to be pretty much "mainstream" messenger apps just to talk to those who refuse to use the obscure ones?

@JigmeDatse I basically have a choice of using whatsapp or keeping in contact with basically nobody :cry_kosaki:

@djabadu very tired here, and read that as "Your turtle friends are..."

Oddly enough, that didn't make a lot of sense. 🐢

@djabadu theres nothing quite like being an IM nerd with one IM nerd friend and tons of IMs with one contact on them

@djabadu and real friends invite you to facebook events via screenshots of the details

@arcalinea they should also use obscure social media for you benefit :D

@djabadu Bonus points for sending screenshots of facebook events on obscure social media apps

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