I really wish you could just unfollow threads

"Anonymous has a message for people who donated to the rebuilding of notre dam"

Anonymous. in the year of our Lord 2019 :blob_laughing:

zoomers trying to be boomers by reminiscing of when they were little playing on their psp vitas and how the kids today are missing out

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So overwatch has now taken over my life

10th result on DDG when I typed in "Overwatch" is "Overwatch Futa Porn"


I don't know why this video exists.

I also don't know why I watched all of it.

I'm bored, let's play videogames plz

Ive spent most of my day waiting to eat

Something bad cant happen in France without someone mentioning that other bad things happen in the world and that we should be more sad about those

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@switchingsocial I recommend however listening to changelog.com/podcast/323 for an explanation on how Brave tries to go with ads and funding and still *not* put users privacy at risk. They're far from perfect but so far they seem one of the very few entities coming up with a business model approach to fix web content funding. I'd be more than happy to see better or other solutions to this. 😐

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