People that say "next Monday" when they should say "this Monday" :blobcatangry:

Alexa post spicy comments on the fediverse

Me: "Yeah I've been playing CS since 2002 or 3"
Other person :"pff whatever kid I've been playing since 1.6"

A conversation I had with a larping 16 year old "CS pro"

The same as watching videos about the speedrunning community. I know nothing about it yet I still find the videos entertaining haha

I know nothing about smash brothers but that hasn't stopped me watching about 3 hours of "salty moments and rage quits in smash" compilations.

"I don't like playing PUBG, it's a hiding in a bush simulator"

O.j. Simpson's overly positive videos on Twitter are the most surreal thing..

Lightning gun is basically the eddie gordo of guns

Quake loadouts = a load of cunts using the LG and nothing else

I dreamt that I spelt my name as "djagabu" on one site and I never realised for years. My life is that boring that I dream about the slight embarrassment of spelling an online handle wrong once. :ablobdj:

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