I wonder if it would be a mistake buying a laptop with a 4k OLED screen.

@dikkus for some reason the LED equivalent (with touch) is 500 DKK more expensive.


@fred Bizarre. I know in desktop monitor format 4K OLED costs quite a lot.

@dikkus it's a rather high-end laptop costing 1755€ without the local 25% VAT.

i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, 512GB NVMe, GTX 1650, light build for a 15".

Seems like a good deal.

@fred Sounds very good. I don't expect the battery will last long with a 4k monitor, though.

@dikkus And OLED is even worse. It comes with a big battery though.

That said, I'm almost always near a power plug. I still need to carry this thing around everywhere though. My current 4K laptop lasts around 7 hours under light load.

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