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here are my keys for e2e crypto:

Laptop key: fxuC 2w7s ZSIR 5lXp Nahn stsB k/Z+ J8ig mq8B IIal nG8

Desktop id: WJNQKDDXCD
Desktop key: p8T1 A/73 Tcmw LsVl 7ceK XMW0 Boow Rw3I eI3g FB+4 K1Y

Mobile key: uDkz xcgU zSIO aOo1 jkvS ys7C CXGL QYFy 9PcR 2LkW r2k

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There's a point where it tips
There's a point where it breaks
There's a point where it bends
And a point we just can't take

(Jeff Williams - Time to Say Goodbye)

I'm merging to

it's a habit that when I don't really know what to do I type 'ls'

if there is one thing I'm good at it's finding reasons against stuff

I don't really know where to publish my badusb payloads
github is a bad joke, I don't really like gitlab, I don't have an existing website, ...

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Einmal Müde zum gleich-schlafen bitte.

I'm thinking about moving to I feel that it fits me better.

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#1952 "Backpack Decisions" 

I finally managed to change the display orientation in windows without using the gui or rebooting, it was a fucking pain >.<

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omfg the birds outside my window are tweeting again
stfu I want to focus 😠

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I didn't get enough sleep, now everything feels bad

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Never ever underestimate the power of convinence.  People will put up with a lot of openly exploitative behaviour if it grants them a measure of convinence.

Remember: four currencies.
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OH GOD ONE THING THAT I HATE ON THE MASTODON FRONT END... the text in the post form disappears when you click on a reply button...

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Even within a relatively simple web app like Edith notes I notice that there's Google stuff once again - fonts and jquery links.

Google links hardcoded into Free Software apps is a problem, because it allows the company to spy on the activities of users. Not the content, but who uses what and how often.
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#1950 "Chicken Pox and Name Statistics" 

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