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here are my keys for e2e crypto:

Laptop key: fxuC 2w7s ZSIR 5lXp Nahn stsB k/Z+ J8ig mq8B IIal nG8

Desktop id: WJNQKDDXCD
Desktop key: p8T1 A/73 Tcmw LsVl 7ceK XMW0 Boow Rw3I eI3g FB+4 K1Y

Mobile key: uDkz xcgU zSIO aOo1 jkvS ys7C CXGL QYFy 9PcR 2LkW r2k

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There's a point where it tips
There's a point where it breaks
There's a point where it bends
And a point we just can't take

(Jeff Williams - Time to Say Goodbye)

I'm merging to

it's a habit that when I don't really know what to do I type 'ls'

if there is one thing I'm good at it's finding reasons against stuff

I don't really know where to publish my badusb payloads
github is a bad joke, I don't really like gitlab, I don't have an existing website, ...

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Einmal Müde zum gleich-schlafen bitte.

I'm thinking about moving to I feel that it fits me better.

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#1952 "Backpack Decisions" 

"This one is perfect in every way, except that for some reason it's woven from a tungsten mesh, so it weighs 85 pounds and I'll need to carry it around on a hand cart." "That seems like a bad--" "BUT IT HAS THE PERFECT POCKET ARRANGEMENT!"

I finally managed to change the display orientation in windows without using the gui or rebooting, it was a fucking pain >.<

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omfg the birds outside my window are tweeting again
stfu I want to focus 😠

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I didn't get enough sleep, now everything feels bad

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Never ever underestimate the power of convinence.  People will put up with a lot of openly exploitative behaviour if it grants them a measure of convinence.

Remember: four currencies.
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OH GOD ONE THING THAT I HATE ON THE MASTODON FRONT END... the text in the post form disappears when you click on a reply button...

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Even within a relatively simple web app like Edith notes I notice that there's Google stuff once again - fonts and jquery links.

Google links hardcoded into Free Software apps is a problem, because it allows the company to spy on the activities of users. Not the content, but who uses what and how often.
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#1950 "Chicken Pox and Name Statistics" 

People with all six of those names agree that it's weird that we have teeth, when you think about it for too long. Just about everyone agrees on that, except—in a still-unexplained statistical anomaly—people named "Trevor."

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