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I just made my ko-fi page!

Any support would be suuper appreciated ❀️

I can't even dinner at my apartment anymore.
My dinner was tuc crackers

My arms are getting worse
and I didn't study anything today

Will get back on anime torrents seeding when I will buy new hw

Also getting a little server up and running

How firefox is already getting slower

finally on a working decently linux installation

i mean i could talk days about freeing your digital life, but there are plenty of good resources i can recommend for this topic.

Stallman's personal website: Wiki:
Essay about Microsoft Software is malware:
Why Linux is better:
Spyware Watchdog:

My arms hurts a lot recently: I can't lift them up without feeling pain :'(

I'm installing mint
> Not arch
Am I banned?

Had to unplug my google home because my roommate is blasting music in my bedroom and not on his iPhone/idk

Got ~50mln in cash, built a railroad on the water, map edge to edge and now I had almost no cash

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