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ddnyan~ @dd86k@niu.moe

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Did my template thingy, thing from you know who

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Hi, I'm dd, I do IT, system administration, some networking engineering, but mostly, software engineering and system programming. I used to crossdress.

I have a keen interesting in system engineering. I have more chance to showcase stuff like how to retrieve the microcode revision than how to hack stuff.

I've went through C#, D, and C mainly. Sometimes I like some x86asm (Intel syntax).

aaaaand done replace all those interpreter functions!

aaaaaand I have to start again


(it's ok we all make mistakes)

Been replacing "bla(" and not the "bla;" calls, oops lol

Yeah.. In D, you can call functions without parentheses if there's no parameters

okay both are failing, thanks!

wait.. if N++ can't find anything..

what the fuck lol

[temporarily using N++ for replace all]

aaand now I'm angry at VS Code because that find/replace all wasn't doing it FROM ROOT.


2hu music
renaming functions ala ANSI C
happy me

im tearing up :')


I was almost done renaming functions and then i had to fuck up the last search/replace all ;-;;;;;

Don't get me wrong, I still really like niu!

But.. Why did I chose an European server. :v

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