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darthvid @darthvid@niu.moe

is out! is ongoing!
It's Fighting Game Weekend!

David Bowie x Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Will likely do the old-school index cards mockup route for a pet project (that I really should be making more time for).

is good! It'll scratch your 2d skills, boss battles, pattern analysis, and old school cartoon itches simultaneously!

Is this a good time to upgrade a 5 year old PC rig...?

Last low EQ buy for this trip... hopefully.

The area, where I'll be spending most of the day. Will come back here. For now, need to scope out secondary targets (primaries done).

day3 opens in a a minute. Guess this is where my herd will wait until the earlier people who lined up a time the rear entrance get in (and more people arrive).

Lined up outside under the sun for these. Worth!
I fear tomorrow...

Alchemist or not, Al lines up for the escalator just like everyone else in .

day2 halls 1 to 3. There are 8 doujin halls and 3 corporate halls.

Managed to nab these, my primary targets! After lunch, at least one of them was sold out.
Hopefully I'll also manage to get the stuff I want on Sunday.

entrance crowd routes (there are other routes inside the buildings, pathways, and halls).

Not even 15%! So much to see! But eyes on the prize! Eyes on the prize...

This is where I start in line.

Even just going to thru the storyboards the major emo points still hit me.

Pleasant find! Summer Wars complete storyboards!