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I wrote a Pokemon thing! You can assist other people in controlling the main character, all while remaining anonymous! You can read it here!

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"And at the end of the game, Lea gets a keyblade, and everyone is like, 'WHAT ARE THE RULES?'"
[offscreen] "THERE ARE NO RULES!"

context for the previous post: teamfourstar discusses princesses of hearts and why Ariel wasn't one

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"which rooms..... should we go to"

"Offense rises up and dies in his chest. He still respects the man, despite his poor taste. No need getting pissy over an opinion that’s completely justified and doesn’t hurt anyone. Even though it’s wrong."

i can beat any deck with The Curve tbh

why does my phone hate the word shot it thinks it's shit

turn 1 dire mole turn 2 razormaw +3 attack turn 3 huffer turn 4 razormaw windfury steady shit

rank 3 with hybrid hunter

i should stop playing and go to sleep

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