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"Now, in your professional opinion: Is soup hot cereal, or is cereal cold soup?"

"So like, what is Sparking? Is it some like traumatic thing? Is it like pooping your pants?"

Just bend me over and punish me harder.

seeing avengers
except the only tickets left were for front row

"*I'M* the Immortal Prelate! Your Prelate is Very Mortal!"

Seen in HCT World Championship Twitch Chat: a professional overwatch player and DansGaming


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now instead of being partially decomposed smelly rotten trash at hearthstone, i'm like, stale bread that got tossed out because it wasn't fresh enough to sell

still garbage at the game, but less so

"I'd do a lot of things to you."
"F-For me."
"Yes. That too."

niraj: please change channels for this discussion
some dumbass: lol minimod *eyeroll emoji*
several members all at once: /he's literally a mod/

he have officially hit the point in the night where all the alcohol settles in my stomach and makes me wanna puke

comphs rubreddit discord channel: innovative decks with positive winrates and also memes that moderators go on winstreaks with

myths confirmed:

@mirzaba has a cute voice

theories proven

the lewd version 

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