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the moral of the story is you should randomly dm me on discord with cute messages

(boost this)

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kalos fan more like cutie fan more like kalos cutie more like cutie cutie more li

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ten year old me looks adorable because he's happy

present me is neither of those things and it sucks

Instead of using the standard "woo-hoo," Pokemon trainers in the Galar region exclaim "Wooloo!" This is due to their ingrained mix of fear and excitement by being run over by runaway balls of fluff.

pokemon swish 

who wants to hop in my dms and talk about every single pokemon from both a competitive standpoint and an adorable standpoint

taking all comers maybe unless i fall asleep

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Bring me an and
Conjoin two phrases
Together they'll stand

@acgh hey i don't know you but you're following me and your bio has a fall out boy quote so clearly you must be insanely awesome

everything in sword and shield is fucking busted

or it's trash

no in between



if you don't want to participate in the game awards that's okay but if you do vote ashly burch for best performance because she's the best asexual engineer ever

i have a dehydration headache and do not need the copious amounts of vodka i want to drink

ok boomer, play "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Frankie Valli

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No Noise November. everyone shut up

blizzard sucks but a woman just won hs global finals

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