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you're supposed to ironically come across as a raging 12 year old

why do people still send follow requests to this account


@crushv I wanna talk to all of u guysssss

for those still following me only here: I think I've packed my bags and moved to @crushv pls follow me there for my 🅱️osts

explaining fedi to someone who has never used twitter is so hard oh my god

should i stick to or migrate entirely to @crushv hmm

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@crushv oh and if you want to try pleroma registrations are open :)

yo everyone follow my pleroma acc @crushv

or dont idk

does pleroma have an admin interface?

announcing the lets all love lain pleroma instance! registrations open~

my account is @crushv

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The opinions on twitter i see are always very big picture. "why mastodon (always mastodon) can't solve all harassment problems" or something. I think the fedi has a different, smaller scale appeal.

having radio shows, movie nights, local posting culture, that is all wonderful but doesn't involve more than a few dozen people.

It's going back to an actual social network. Nobody can be social with lady gaga or trump.
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You know, looking at how FOSS projects evolve over time and break off and everything.. It's honestly kind of inspiring to watch. I think one of the reasons I never really took the compsci path or cared for an engineering path is because so much of it seemed dead and without creativity or personality.. And unfortunately that seems to not be an entirely bad assessment. But seeing the FOSS movement changes my perception of that.

with all this development of non microblogging AP software I feel like there should be a standardized method to tag what kind of a server a given account is in

I wouldn't want to follow a tumblr like platform from my microblogging account on accident

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