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first time seeing broadway!

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I want to send the RMS-ESR fanfic to my CEO but maybe I shouldn't

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hey i heard you kids like fortnite? why not try joining isis instead its like fortnite in real life!!!

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>flutter analyze
>typos found in all my comments

look i put my heart into the code not the comments

I keep staying up all night programming then being dragged to museums in a zombie state why am I doing this to myself

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AS A USER, I want to post "I am gay"


1. Log in to mastodon
2. Type "I am gay"
3. Press "Submit"


Other people know I'm gay

i want my life to be a sun glitters album

i think ill switch my laptop to void-musl

for fucks sake glibc 2.28 has a breaking change and now none of my electron apps start wew

to rip off or not to rip off instagram's user interface hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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mastodon is like a typical gnu/linux distribution

pleroma is like Alpine, or maybe OpenBSD

misskey is like Haiku or some shit

GNU social is like 386BSD
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angery at web Show more

four tet is the reason I'm alive

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The news keeps saying "piracy is on the rise" but my friend went on a cruise ship and he is fine???

shitty hacked together feed page first version done! gonna work on API stuff now yay.

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