does federate with

mfwmfwmfwmfw niu doesnt have full text search

what the fuck how does mastodon have dark scrollbars in firefox

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you're supposed to ironically come across as a raging 12 year old

why do people still send follow requests to this account

for those still following me only here: I think I've packed my bags and moved to @crushv pls follow me there for my 🅱️osts

explaining fedi to someone who has never used twitter is so hard oh my god

should i stick to or migrate entirely to @crushv hmm

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@crushv oh and if you want to try pleroma registrations are open :)

yo everyone follow my pleroma acc @crushv

or dont idk

does pleroma have an admin interface?

announcing the lets all love lain pleroma instance! registrations open~

my account is @crushv

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !