oh my! Just put in Ubuntu Touch (ubports) and the install experience is extremely fast and flawless and overall the whole phone seems really great now.

Just for this and the fact that there is hw-accel and the power & volume buttons work this seems really promising as daily driver. Need to use more to feel how hot it gets and stuff.

Also help: what's the default password? lol

@webfreak how's the signal and call quality? my old flip phone is dying and I have no motivation to replace it with a mainstream smartphone but all the feature phones these days suck.

@crlf well... I didn't have any OS where that worked yet because configuration seemed too lacking so far to setup my mobile provider.

To me this isn't really an issue because I never call anyway, I would just like to see it added for mobile data

@webfreak ah, well I guess that's why it's still in early release. hopefully the good guys will get that working in time.

an open feature phone with nice reception would be a nice alternative. I only really care about calls and texts.

@crlf idk if it's an issue with the software though. I just saw someone using Ubuntu Touch who has celular settings

For me the factory OS (testing OS) came with tests and failed on the LTE modem test, but it seemed like it could start the modem though and try to read it out.

I will try it out again now that I put in my SIM card

@crlf sorry it was me being retarded who switched off the modem kill switch on ubuntu touch

@crlf ehh sorry can't seem to get my operator added, the UI doesn't do anything when pressing save xd

@crlf alright now it's actually working! Cellular data works, phone calls didn't work yet but I haven't tried the hack to enable audio yet so that might be why. Didn't try SMS. Wifi breaks after some usage and it seems like you have to reflash the OS to get wifi working again for now.

This helped with it: forum.pine64.org/showthread.ph

@webfreak so it works in theory at least. that's good. I'll probably be able to hold out long enough for it to at least become a solid basic phone.

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