you know how when you get new jeans and they say the color may transfer when new so wash them separately the first time?

that's shit advice. they should tell you to wash them with old jeans of a similar color so you can freshen them up a bit.

@marshmellow_fluff np I just hope it works. seems like a no-brainer but I'm not good at laundry so for all I know the dye will wear holes into the old jeans or something jeez that'd suck.


that wouldn't. people pay lots of money for "designer" jeans, which are full of holes. I was like " whaaaat ??? you paid for these rags !!!"

@marshmellow_fluff yeah but even those silly jeans have the holes strategically placed like imagine if the two dyes combined into sulfuric acid or something and ate holes all over the crotch

but no I just washed those jeans with some old jeans and no holes were created. in fact they look about the same as when they went in. what a ripoff.

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